This year has been an incredible ride as our work with Museum of the Bible has taken on a real global impact.  With our exhibits moving throughout the world now it’s amazing to be on this incredible journey to invite all people to engage with the Bible.

This year already I have been to Israel, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Cuba and Italy.  Everywhere I go I am so impressed with people’s incredible love for this great book, the enthusiasm to see the Museum of the Bible become a reality not just through the location in Washington D.C., but also as our exhibits and curriculum move around the world. The timeliness of this monumental project and its impact on the people of the world is happening today.

We have been fortunate to build some great relationships around the world and this is especially true in Israel. One of the key people we’ve met along the way is our friend Rivka Kidron.  Rivka works closely with a project we have helped launch in Israel called, Passages.  She has been a great friend to Museum of the Bible as she has helped us with our work in Israel.

Another great relationship we have built in Israel is with Gil Ilutowich, who is the CEO of Compedia. Compedia is developing world-class Augmented Reality technology for the MOTB curriculum that is currently being used in schools in Israel. Learn more about the great technology they are utilizing here.

This year we have also had some great opportunities in the Asia market. We’ve been blessed to work in Asia alongside Charles Lee and his team at Ideation. Through our work with Charles Lee, MOTB is exploring some exciting new initiatives in Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

 It has been an honor to meet so many people as they share of the Bible’s place in their lives… we may come from different cultures, speak different languages and look and dress differently.  But the common thread of this great book is something that links us all together. The Bible really is “The Book of all Books”. It connects, it inspires and it creates a story that we are all part of.