They were raised with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit.

Known as the Latch-Key Generation, Generation X came home from school with a house key in their pocket to let themselves in and cared for and entertained themselves until a parent got home from work.

Born between 1965 and 1976, Gen Xers’ parents were often divorced and remarried. Theirs was the inaugural generation of blended families, step-parents, and step-siblings.

A couple of very pivotal events occurred during their upbringing:

  1. The rise of HIV/AIDS
  2. The beginning of a transition from written/print information to digital

According to, the tale of the tape for Generation X donors looks like this:

  • Xers represent 20% of total giving
  • They have a 30% volunteer rate
  • 9% donate to human rights causes
  • Where religious causes are concerned, 38% donate, 30% volunteer

Gen Xers are the top supporters of Health Services, Animal Rights and Welfare Organizations, and Environmental Causes.

Put yourself in their shoes. Use this generation’s markers and giving trends to build an informed engagement strategy for reaching them.

Previously in this series, I covered donors of the Mature and Baby Boomer Generations. Next up are The Millennials — conversing with Generation Y, the generation who asks “Why?”

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