As I continue my series, “Relating to Donor’s of All Generations”, we approach one of my favorite generations. I mean I have kids in this generation after all. The Millennial Generation is intriguing when it comes to fundraising because the way they give is a complete switch from the generations that preceded them. I’ll explain…

Wherever they were, children of the Millennial Generation (born 1977-1995) were under the watchful eyes of omnipresent parents via baby monitors, nanny cams, and GPS tracking.

And they represent a sharp departure from Gen X. They’re children of the Millennial Generation, when everything changed.

Generation Y is the generation that asks “Why?”

They’re sometimes called the information generation, and that makes sense when you realize they’ve never known a world without computers.

Encyclopedia? What’s that? Just Google it!

The pivotal experience of the Millennial’s formative years was 9/11. On that fateful Tuesday morning, they learned the world is complex … and it is not a safe place.

Whereas their grandparents dealt with discipline issues like passing notes and chewing gum at school, this generation walked through metal detectors and practiced lock-downs.

According to, the Gen Y tale of the tape shows:

  • Millennials represent 11% of total giving
  • They have a 26.7% volunteer rate
  • 18% donate to human rights causes
  • Where religious causes are concerned, 32% donate, 24% volunteer

But some numbers especially worth noting: Millennials now make up one-fourth of the U.S. population … and 84% of employed Millennials have donated to a nonprofit.

They represent the top supporters of Human Rights, International Development, Child Development, and Victims of Crime and Abuse.