Donors Are People Too

Managing Relationships With Your Ministry’s Major Contributors

By Timothy Smith

Timothy L. Smith is known as a leading expert in building the capacity of nonprofit organizations.

Now, he shares his wisdom with you, in the pages of his compelling book Donors Are People Too.

This book is practical, direct, easy-to-read, people-focused and helps you put these effective strategies to action — and produce results!

Donors Are People Too features a practical, proven system for ministry to major donors — and why it’s important.

You’ll learn how to care more about the donor than the donation — and what happens when you do … how to build relationship, trust, and friendship with your donors … compelling insight into the end-product of major donor ministry (it’s not what you think!) … and wise and proven insights into the care and keeping of major donors.

130 pages ▪ Includes insightful Q & A chapter — with most commonly asked questions about major donor development … and the proven answers!

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